Better – Boyzone – Music and Lyrics.

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  1. preciouskeith

    i just miss someone with this song!whew!

  2. LauEurovision


  3. cant wait to hear this being played on the 19th november at our wedding because the words sum up how i feel for my future wife rebecca xxx love you darling xx

  4. better 🙂

  5. me and my partner are having this played at our wedding in november the words for this song i dedicate to my darling wife to be rebecca love you darling xx

  6. Flutterflut89

    Sending all my cuddles to my Mr. Special, hopefully i will see you again one day x Love you !!!! Missing you !!!!

  7. have a great wedding.
    Your fans miss you Stephen, may you stay in a better place. You were a great idol to me when i was young, miss you and your voice terrible.

  8. Thats fantastic, have a great wedding :)

  9. what a gorgeous song.. heard it so many times but never really HEARD it!

    If my boyfriend and father of my 2 kids EVER proposes to me this would definetly be my wedding song.

    Simply because he just makes things better

  10. ….way back in the name of love and memories…someone dedicate this song to me and was even surprised when i was in a plane for my first out of country vacation this was intentionally played for me with hes own version…and much more surprised when i saw him in the airport with out knowing he came minutes ahead of me….whew…:))

  11. nice song.luv it.

  12. emmaturnbull09

    lovin this song soo much been lovin it for years and years hehe xx

  13. stephen fell alseep, and shall never wake,
    he will always be here, deep in our hearts,
    and now he’s ,sing for all in heaven,
    r.i.p dear stephen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. r.i.p stephen gately so sadly missed u will never be 4gotten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. mrsnicholasjonaas

    RIP Stephen Gately. gunna be missed

  16. Amandagarty16

    rip stephen to young ♥

  17. BlUeEyEs44575

    R.I.P Steven Gately

  18. u make things better too

  19. hungrymattress

    Steven Gately <3

  20. pateepawanich

    very good emotional song , while seeing this song i missing my BF …….

  21. Thanks for that =)

  22. bullterriers97

    With you here it was better.But now your gone and maybe if time would turn so slightly we would be together.

  23. love this song

  24. great song

  25. Great vid – great song !