Boyzone 1986 – tears music video

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  1. omg, my sister Vicki and I (and some other mates) used to hang round with
    them! I remember when they filmed this! Now I feel ancient! Say hi to Tim
    from us!

  2. i put this on 4 my dad, he is the guitar player!

  3. yes im sure my dad has some knowledge about the band and their songs

  4. Yes big in France but it would be a worlwide hit, I’ve listen this song so
    many times. I’ve send a mail in the band’s myspace but nobody answer me
    (it’s logical, it’s myspace after all). Maybe you or your father can answer
    me. There’s few other songs in their myspace and I would like to know if
    the band released other songs or it’s just demos. Can you tell me a brief
    biography of the band (the name of the artists, where did they come from).
    Thanks for all.

  5. Have you others informations about the group ?I had bought another record
    called “This could be yours”, and I love the song “Tears” that was played
    on many radios in France in the 80’s.