Boyzone – A Different Beat

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  1. Good music like this has always come from across the pond in the UK and Ireland.

  2. teesidesmoggy

    Been trying to find that song melting pot from this named album for aggeeesss!!

  3. This is their best song.Very emotional song indeed.


  5. i sude to love RONAN !

  6. Beautiful Africa!! Great weather, mesmerizing sights and wonderful people. Oh how I miss you motherland!!

  7. One f d grtst song of 90’s…..

  8. I think this is Boyzone’s masterpiece ever!

  9. people cant face up to nice people anymore because everyone has to uphold there hardass image but i think its the other way around i think its easier to bad bad and harder to be good so the good people ARE the strong and the bad people are the weak thats my theory 🙂

  10. furrycheetah2000

    today,record company including composers and singers only sell million singles instead of selling million albums.later,they disposed artist into the garbage truck.

  11. back when songs had meaning, unlike some “BABY BABY BABY OH!!! 5X!” -WTF LOL

  12. billyjoelforever

    stephen <3<3 🙁

  13. VEVOsucksDicks


  14. What an amazing video!
    Great Song, better than man in the mirror

  15. tiffanyjones72

    i love this song!!!!

  16. just in 90’s where we can find music like this

  17. On youtube…using search bar (=_=”) sigh….

  18. Great and Excellent.
    I LOVE IT.
    Many Thanks for this Brilliance.

  19. Where can we find music like this nowadays?

  20. Superbe !!!!

  21. GhostAndArrow

    2:56 scary face…

  22. Classic!

  23. flightforge30

    2nd single from their Different Beat album..the first single released was Words… epic!!!

  24. rip stephen you where amazing x x

  25. Noticed this in my old MTV Greatest Hits casette haha I don’t normally do this but …like if you’re also listening to this in 2012 ;D Cheers to the 90’s!