Boyzone – Better

Music Website Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Jackie Charles


  2. kinikilabutan ako dito sa video na to !!
    lalu na kay stephen …baklang bakla pala
    tlga sya …

    =but still love boyzone

  3. I wish I could have met Steo he seems so charming

  4. Joanne - Sian Mills

    point being, gay men are better than most.

  5. 666englishgirl

    yes he was gay

  6. was Stephen Gay also ? …… he makes the sceen with the Guy in the Video HOT ! and compassionate !

  7. PlanAburridoTotal

    Esto es hermoso.

  8. you can only smile when you see stephen smile he will never be gone thanks to the power of dreams

  9. You sure seem to have a small mind

  10. Stephen never saw the relese of it what a shame such an awsome song RIP Stephen

  11. crazysmurf316

    Damn! Good song but whats up with all the Peter Puffers?

  12. I don’t miss him. Just one less FAG in the world. See your just mad cause I’m honest and won’t go along. And if a kid grows up around me being a fag then you should pity him cause I know I will!….Fag lover!!

  13. Hi chassybear19. I find your comments repugnent beyond belief. He was a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. Stephen is missed by millions of people and I sincerely hope that he is at peace. Whereas you, you need to grow up and get a life. I pity the poor kid that grows up in your life if hes gay. Bigot!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m confused with what they mean by “Better”.

    Does he mean Stephen sucks cock “Better” than most fags?

  15. Poor Trancy, no one loves her. Pityparty for Trancy.

  16. oh yuk i was loving ronan but not no more…i guess just kill off the females and use the trannyies thats whats its heading to lol

  17. mjfansweetchild

    What’s the problem if he’s gay? He’s more lucky than me.I never had the chance to dance with such a hot guy. Miss u Stephen.

  18. :(

  19. It is a lovely version. The original by Tom Baxter is also a lovely version.

  20. 0TranceMaster0

    thumbs up if you dont support gay people! =)

  21. Yeah, love is gay, emotions are gay, tenderness is gay, respect is gay. We get it, straight girls are gonna be forever alone…

  22. WTF is this? Are you kidding me, straight couples? I’m disliking it for sure !! WTF is this? are you kidding me, an interracial couple? im disliking it for sure !! Please TranceMaster go back to your cave, the world doesn’t need your sh*t anymore…

  23. cosmicexplorer22

    thumbs up if you support gay people! =)

  24. 0TranceMaster0

    GAYZONE (n)

  25. 0TranceMaster0

    WTF is this ?are you kidding me a gay couple ? FTS im dislinking it for sure !!