Boyzone – Every Day I Love You

Music Website Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Boyzone started my love of boybands and Mikey was my very first celeb´╗┐ crush ­čÖé This is my fave Boyzone sone after No Matter What ­čÖé

  2. At the end of´╗┐ the video I was waiting for a piano to fall out of the sky ­čÖé

  3. This guys makes me feel pretty ­čÖé i love´╗┐ boyzone!!! LOVE the 90’s band!!!

  4. Like ths song…ddy-k-3rd thd song to my lover…evryday i love n miss u much…nothing’s gonna change´╗┐ my love to you…ur my everything…

  5. SuperCoccaine

    Fave’s song´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  6. milca deiparine

    its´╗┐ my one of my fav.soNg..=)) love it.

  7. johnathon maxwell

    I’m just going 2 send´╗┐ my fiance this song as we are apart

  8. My boyfriend sent me´╗┐ this and it is so special. I love boyzones singing! Thanks Al

  9. adel joy legara

    i remember something´╗┐ hmmm?!

  10. seanclarke1993

    great song ive got to say this is one´╗┐ of my best boyzone songs

  11. i lv´╗┐ u^^~

  12. i wonder if i can see´╗┐ this video on my tv channel so all people can hear one of a treasure song.

  13. gamage loradavid

    very nice i ´╗┐ like

  14. i like this SONG”>>>´╗┐ LIKE

  15. real the best this song,,everyday´╗┐ ask people to have love,Boyzone,,,,,love your voice,,

  16. nandoosbindaas

    Best´╗┐ of the songs …..ever ever lasting number…..

  17. nandoosbindaas

    This´╗┐ is the real music with the best of the lyrics and luv this song…….

  18. novida panggabean

    I always´╗┐ love this song and the video since it was first released in 1999..

  19. I’m learning to´╗┐ love this song because of him. >.<

  20. sNsDronaldinho

    R.I.P !´╗┐ =’C

  21. This is so´╗┐ beautiful. ­čÖé

  22. My gf sent me´╗┐ favourite is Rock..but it’s ok

  23. NICE´╗┐ SONG

  24. love´╗┐ it…

  25. ailove nananm