Boyzone – I’ll be there (lyrics + pics)

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  1. chiara .zorzetto

    Love it!!It reminds me the early years of Boyz and my childhood,love them

  2. i love this song 1 of many of my faves god boyzone int guna be same u were
    my fave stevo rest in peace babesxxx

  3. My favourite song from this album, but never released as a single, hence no

  4. really love to reminisce those days…im a BOYZONE fanatic….(“,)

  5. if my boyfriend deticated EVERYDAY I LOVE YOU to me then i deticate ILL BE
    THERE!!!!!!!!! i love you baby!!

  6. r.i.p stephen :[

  7. love this song!

  8. I remember back in College, I was crazy about this band and now that
    Stephen’s gone, I’m glad to have seen them perform live twice in Manila…
    Love you Stephen Gately and you’ll be sorely missed

  9. r.i.p. stephen

  10. nice song, not heard this for ages

  11. im gutted. you were my 1st crush stephen and l’ll never forget you – you
    touched everyone who saw that smile of yours. Ill always love you “Steo”

  12. Bless your heart for posting this video!!! I have missed this song!!! I’m
    an American BZ fan and used to have to search high and low and spend tons
    of money to get their cds shipped over to me!! This song brings me back to
    the ’90’s ♥

  13. r.i.p stephen :[

  14. lol i love the picture of stephen at the end lol he looks so cute

  15. R.I.P Stephen Gately xxxx

  16. i used to love this tune, i absolutely rinsed this album every song i knew
    of by heart and i was in love with stephen gately

  17. loves it reminfs me soo much of when i was a child

  18. miss u stephen xx

  19. Rest in peace, my first english teacher.

  20. love this song, not heard it in years cant believe stephen is gone 🙁

  21. if my boyfriend deticated EVERYDAY I LOVE YOU then im deticating ILL BE
    THERE!!! :)))))

  22. Rest In Peace, Stephen < ;'(

  23. thx for posting

  24. R.I.P Steven! xx

  25. i love stephens vioce in it it is so cute xxxxxxxx