Boyzone – Key To My Life

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  1. Music era! woohoo! Glad I was born back then. Nowadays it’s just porn and nudity… -_-

  2. pure irish emotion… it

  3. hes deed now


    Miss you lots sexy Sevie xxx

  5. BeautifulAngel090312

    You’re The One & Only For me > I don’t Hide my Feelings For U > U’re my Dreams Babexxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. i miss them. sorry to steph, and i love this song.

  7. As I was listening to this song, I just started wondering how life will be after death. Stephen never deserve all that happened.
    Really love Irish people a lot because they came to my village long time ago to educate us & I see them as my family because of the experience I had from them (all my Irish teachers and inspiring priest).

  8. like if you listening to this in 2012! 🙂

  9. great memories

  10. Ah man these guys were great first listened to this music in some pub in new market on some juke box way back in 98

  11. awww i miss that .. And Stephen are gone 🙁

  12. wtf is this gaylord

  13. awesome

  14. Classycossie1

    0:46 Steo is a babe 🙂 

  15. Czyzby Irlandczycy byli najbardziej sexowni na swiecie?A mowili ,ze Polacy ;-}}}}} ????

  16. Charmaine1910

    i know the feeling.. the 90’s were great it was the time of “The Boy Bands” 🙂

  17. so sad, RIP Stephen…

  18. i miss my high school days… 🙁

  19. what church was that?

  20. sad the way it worked out

  21. really sad

  22. at 45 wow

  23. well done ste

  24. nice video, rip ste