Boyzone – No Matter What 1998 Live (The Royal Albert Hall) stereo 16:9 widescreen

Music Site Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. Nicoleta nicol
  2. 恁爸係台灣郎甜爸


  3. #music

  4. Albertina Travassos

    To all of my wonderful friends here in the Google with much appreciation
    for their qualities of friendship ,every one is unique good night for every
    one of you !

  5. I remember one of my good friend used to listen to this song. Little did he
    know it was about God until I told him. lol Alot of Christians songs are
    good and popular but you wont know it unless you know a lot about the
    artists. Alot of so call singers now days like Beyonce all believe in GOD.

  6. meaghan coyle

    im a long time friend of stephen and his family his parents and my parents
    where great friends and he also was a good friend sadly missed rip

  7. PrinCess159789


  8. OMG I love Ronnan’s voice >w<

  9. BillieJeanJackson100

    Ronan is so cute

  10. i love the smile from Stephen, RIP boy

  11. 好聽的聲音

  12. An amazing sound, melodious and smooth and sweet and yet strong.

  13. TheWildflieger


  14. Stephen’s smile is really cute!

  15. kissthebunnie123

    Such fantastic lyrics and Stephen truly has the most angelic voice!

  16. RIP Stephen. This will be how I always will see you, You were such a little
    cutie in this.

  17. Lynch ? guy is sooooo freakin sexy x

  18. SuperBen10alien

    I love Boyzone. I love Steo!

  19. pikatschugisela

    I love Ronans voice ,so unique and hes so cute!

  20. When I saw this performance on PBS I was instanly a fan. I had never heard
    of the band nor had I ever heard the song. I was curious about Andrew Lloyd
    Webber’s association with both the band, and the song (seeing as it was
    presented at his birthday celebration). The program was edited in such a
    way as to leave me hanging about this group’s involvment. Thanks for
    explaining that question for me. I bought the album and loved EVERY song!
    Very saddened that Stephen passed so soon.

  21. I still have memories of seeing Stephen Gately in Joseph at the New London
    Theater in 2003.

  22. rif

  23. Never heard of this group till saw Britain got Talent and what a group this
    is very special mostly for religionist

  24. Peerasak Ratchanivate

    UHT in Thailand. ^^