Boyzone – No Matter What

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  1. optimusprine1310


  2. i never new that ronan keating was in the boyzone 🙂

  3. still gonna listen to it, 3012.. like if you are too. haha

  4. Yes he died and may he rest in peace

  5. This video was posted exactly 2 days before Stephen Gately passed away….

  6. hahhaa me too, that was such an amazing performer! 🙂

  7. yes he is, he passed away som,e years ago, type in stephen gately wikipedia on google and click first link. 🙂

  8. Excuse me,I’m an italian girl…but is Stephen death?

  9. I don’t like when ppl aks for some thumbs. -_-

  10. Dumbass dpah -.- According to his channel, he’s neither an American nor an Englishman. But I never get why it’s automatically you American or English (mostly American) piece of shit?!? Why not French, Russian or Turkish??

  11. VirtualRealityHero

    this song sounds like it would be good in a anti bullying campaign, great song

  12. great song.. boyzone is legend

  13. who the fuck said i like that woman justin biber….. personally i think this song sux and there is nothing u can do about it so SHUT THE FUCK UP u american/english piece of shit

  14. yeah right.. this song reminds me of average dpishit assholes like justin bieber

  15. i will be listening to this song no matter what 🙂

  16. I will listen in 2120… If I still alive… lol

  17. R.I.P Stephen Gately ♥


  19. IF there isnt boyzone there isnt criag harper :/

  20. lol me 2

  21. i remember when i still a little boy i often to listen this song. play it more and more. i miss this song so much. thanks to person who bring it here.. 🙂

  22. Craig harper is better than these guys

  23. only checked this video out after britains got talent.. lmao

  24. whos 2 on monday 9th july x

  25. had this at my moms funeral 12 yrs ago still find it hard to l.isten to , love it thou . since have have a 2 yr old grandson finlay .whom my mom n dad would of loved so typing this with tears . x