Geri Halliwell is curious

Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell is well known as an outspoken member of the band. On Wednesday, in Paris, Geri was seen using facial expressions instead of her voice to show her feelings. The singer appeared unimpressed at something while she was walking down the streets of Paris.

Making her way down the streets of the France capital, the Spice Girls singer donned a pair of khaki jeans and a large black fur jacket. She finished her look with a huge black bag as she sported a grey colored scarf around her neck. She was seen holding a small bag while she made her way towards her vehicle.

Recently, in an interview, while promoting Viva Forever, Geri Halliwell told that their band Spice Girls could not take the credit for the birth of Girl Power. She stated that people say they invented Girl Power, but it was actually invented a long time before them. She also has been thinking that it probably goes back to the time of Cleopatra, the head of Egypt and Roman Empire attempted to bring her down.

Expressing her opinion about the musical that is based on the songs of Halliwell’s band; she told that if people have liked Mamma Mia, then they would like this one too. Speaking about Jennifer Saunders written production, the singer told that they were not reinventing the wheel; everything is there.


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