Geri Halliwell offers support for Zayn Malik

There was a time when girls’ pop group meant Spice Girls – they were on top of all. But it was Geri Halliwell who suddenly broke all out hearts and shattered our dreams when she decided to leave the British pop band ushering in the Dark Ages for fans all across the world.

Unfortunately or fortunately, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook did not exist that time. The sorrow messages came in different ways. And criticism from few sectors as well. The world saw a same type of trauma when One Direction member Zayn Malik announced that he would leave the band permanently.

For some One Direction fans, the world stopped spinning. Twitter exploded with 1D messages. In the midst came, Geri Halliwell, who tweeted an encrypted message for Zyan. She tweeted: “Hello, thinking of you. Hope whatever is going on in your life it’s going well.  X,”

While, on the other hand, Twitter exploded. The fans even posted videos after Zyan said that he would leave One Direction.

Even fellow Directioners Harry Styles and Liam Payne had trouble keeping their emotions to themselves over their friend’s exit, crying onstage during their gig and tweeting about their sad day.

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