Geri Halliwell reveals Spice Girls Musical plans on This Morning

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  1. quite ironic at “VIVA FOREVER, SPICE GIRLS!” and the information they were gathering was about the musical “Viva Forever” hahaha

  2. Nothing wrong with liking them, they were a good manufactured band

  3. I said that 2 years ago, and then again 7 months ago. I’m 17 now, I think I’ve grown up lol. I dont like them anymore.

  4.  Maybe time to grow up lol

  5. Aww yeah me too! Spice Girls were a huge part of my childhood, I had everything they did! and I always dreamt of being one too. like literally, I’d watch their “Audience with the Spice Girls” TV special every day and then go perform my own version on the stairs of our house to my family with my sister. I miss those times 🙁

  6. matchmakerification

    Can’t agree with you more! I LOVE them sooo muuuuch!!! If they did another reunion tour (since they cancelled halfway through their last one) I’d be the first to book a ticket I don’t care how much I’d have to pay or how far I’d have to travel! They’re one of the reasons I love and miss my childhood so much!

  7. victornuestro88


  8. spice for life

  9. They forgot of the South America, canceled the concert in Argentina..I’m from Brazil, I was saving money to go there.. but the end!
    I got really upset, my dream is dead!

  10. i love the spice girls.
    i went to see them in Las Vegas for the reunion tour. it was Amazing, it was always my dream to see them live. for over 10 years i thought my dream was dead and would never come true, but i got to see them. it was my first dream come true. however, my friend, kinda made it a little ugly, he was sick. im just like, this is a once in a lifetime chance and you dont wanna do anything?!?! very disappointed, but i still enjoyed the show, i hope they tour again.

  11. @soragirl6 i’m from chicago and went to that…it was AWESOME! lol sorry. i can’t believe they sold out the united center, but it was packed and loud! they’re stupid not to tour again

  12. victornuestro88

    OH MY GOD ! HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS and watched geri halliwell’s Breakfast show interview?! I WILL DO EVERYTHING JUST TO BE THERE FOR WHATEVER SPECIAL HAPPENING THIS YEAR 2009 WITH MY LOVELY AMAZING SPICE GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy Goddddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!

  13. alexbabs12345

    SPICE GIRLS 4EVER! I saw them on January 30th 2008 and it was awesome! I’ve been a fan since I was little!

  14. i wish they go on tour again i wanna go see their show againn…<3

  15. spiceforlife81

    Its a not a tour reunion its just for a musical on stage. But no tour. Hopefully they add that to the plans though.

  16. I LOVE GERI!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I heard she was not going then i heard emma say there was no reunion 🙁 buts lets just hopes those are rumors and all five join again

  18. is it tru vic snub the reunion concert?

  19. I will miss Victoria

  20. They can come back as many times as they want and I´ll appreciate it, they were in my heart 13 years ago, and they´ll be there 4 ever.

  21. PamelaElizabeth

    I want them back together but I want 5 become 1 again so Im gonna cross my finges too and wait what happen please girls say you’ll be there

  22. apparently Victoria wont be taking part even tho Mel B said that they are all on board…?

  23. oh my god spice girls are planning to get back together….lets keep our fingers cross…we want the spice girls back…its gonna be girl power again & again

  24. PlatinumBlonde87

    oooo would be so cool if they will be back together!!! so hope they will do a new album this time 😀

  25. spice girls my idol