JAMIE MCDELL – ‘You’ll Never Take That Away’ official music video!

Audio Website Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Well i must say i’m soo proud of u Jamie this is RAW KIWI BRILLIANCE!!! Big FAN sugar. I play this song when im chilaxin. chords D A EM G chorus C G D. BOOOOOM!!!

  2. oh really? hahaha I don’t mean to brag when I say this, but I work in a supermarket for crying out loud haha I see loads and loads of hot chicks everyday man 😛

  3. My mus

  4. I’m proud to b a kiwi too. Don’t b so mean she is like 17

  5. joshuamilbecka

    I’ve seen better then you lol.

  6. Ive seen better lol

  7. Im so proud 2 b Kiwi !! <3 u Jamie !!

  8. jazzyjellybean820

    AHHHH love this song :3
    Proud to be a New Zealander!!! ;D

  9. k thnx

  10. rebel shepherd

    fuck shes hot

  11. pauanui , coromandell :)

  12. when i fisrt heard of her i thought she was aussie

  13. Philip Taylor

    A great example of why New Zealand is such a fantastic place to live. Sweet as!

  14. Gemma Loveday

    Favourite Singer.<3

  15. seriously, I just heard hear on Air New Zealand while flying to Australia, and that was EXACTLY what I was thinking. It made it seem like being a famous musician has a lot to do with marketing than it does with talent. Swift is a brilliant song writer, but her singing I’d say is just okay. Jamie McDell also seems like a great song writer, and I’d say she’s even a better singer than Swift. Glad that I randomly came across Jamie for sure!

  16. LOVE this song LOVE Jamie McDell so proud to be kiwi

  17. I love this song, I love her voice

  18. ok

  19. i love the beach 🙂

  20. Renee Tomlinson

    It’s Mangawhai heads i think? :)

  21. is this up north???

  22. is that Mangawhai??? I’VE BEEN THERE NZ ROCKS!!!

  23. hey hat is awsome

  24. O.o

  25. xxLilRockerForeverxx

    It looks like Jamie’s sunburnt!