S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin (Official Music Video) – Rachel Stevens

Music Website Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. stlush123123456

    i was five it was out when my brother and sister was born

  2. budahgirl9110

    whuuut! how old were you when this song came out?

  3. bstaan die nog ???

  4. this was so popular in australia

  5. no

  6. man i remember this from when i was like 6 😀 i used to listen to it at home when ‘doing my homework’ hehe nostalgia moment. Wish i could turn the clock and re-live it all again!

  7. stlush123123456

    i rember it i loved it and im only 15

  8. nagyon jo

  9. Classic.. Reminds me of my Primary School days and watching the S CLUB 7 T.V show. They were a hit in Australia.

  10. Oh that sucks….damn you, Jo!!!! Look at what you’ve done to us!

  11. funnybunny1234561234

    and i remember when i liked them….

  12. GreenBitterfly

    I remember I’d bought S Club 7’s greatest hits just before ‘Shilpagate’ and it stayed on my CD shelf untouched for many months after! I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it, ended up going to the charity shop in the end!

  13. Oh I know what you mean….I feel the same way too. Now, I can’t listen to ANY song from S club 7 without having the image of “racist Jo” in my mind. -__- mood killer lol

  14. they acctually had a few movies i have watched them all but when i was younger but now i cannot find them 🙁

  15. DoubleKilling

    After 6 years of not hearing this song, I still remember every word.

  16. GreenBitterfly

    It completely put me off Jo, and have definitely put a taint on re-watching/re-listening to S Club 7 music!

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  18. Was it just me or was anybody else really disappointed to find out that clubs aren’t really like this ?

  19. No , i have it DVD hahaha !

  20. Yikes! That’s disgusting to hear. I can’t believe she became such a bad person inside. After seeing how “Jo is racist” comments on youtube I did some research of my own. Can’t believe she would make comments and bully someone like Shilpa. I’ll never see Jo the same way again after this.

  21. Diosa mia, Tina is HOT!

  22. Great one! memories came back!

  23. Yeah, she was attacked with a bottle for her racist remarks against a wonderful Indian woman on Big Brother UK when Jo was on it, she was part of a group of nasty women who treated the Indian woman horribly, her name is Shilpa. They were jealous of her beauty and grace because they were foul mouthed and classless. They abused her verbally and mentally and mocked her culture. It was so difficult to watch, I’ve hated Jo ever since. She’s an ugly person inside and out.

  24. What? really? Jo is racist??? =O When? To whom is she racist towards? Why??

  25. hahha child hood memories comming back to me! loves it!