S Club 7 – Everybody Wants Ya (Music Video) Rachel Stevens

Music Blog site Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. omgggg i’ve been looking for the version they played!!!!

  2. fireworksandsunshine

    When I was like 9, I had a whole music video for this in my head that I was SO SURE was real XD

  3. anyone else here because they heard this song at abercrombie?

  4. Bonafied813Hustla

    Hannah is gorgeous!!!!!!

  5. S Club 7 you are the group of all time!With the reborn of the group!It’s like Doctor Who but real!
    Live it on!Love Steven Robert Keevil xxxx

  6. 7 people didn’t have a 90’s/Early 2000’s childhood…

  7. i absolutely loved this band back in the day and their tv show was awesome! why can’t there be bands like this today? i would love it if they reunited someday!

  8. michaelmuszynski1

    How sexy are Jo O’meara, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearitt and Tina Barratt in this video :))

  9. you’re in luck! They are reuniting this summer 🙂

  10. I still have Miami 7, LA 7 and Hollywood 7 on video HA. (Viva la sclub just wasnt the same am I right?!)

  11. blackvenomnicole

    Hannah is soo beautiful.

  12. chileepengwin

    I used to love this song … and still do! It was always one of my faves from their first album. If they reuinte and go on tour, I’M SO THERE! 😀

  13. I used to turn this song up really loud, get on my bed, sing at the top of my lungs and jump all around! Memories <3

  14. I want a s club reunion more than anything.

  15. martialartgirl23

    MIAMI 7!!!!! OMG!!!!! 🙂 <3

  16. wesleykool110

    yall know jo a lezbo

  17. marielidejesus

    God, I loved Rachel!!!

  18. 0:08 its BORAT!!! haha

  19. KiteTheRunner

    ah this song cheers me up. <3

  20. I still have all the episodes on video :’)
    Miss Sclub7 so much!

  21. I would give anything to watch S Club 7 in Miami again haha.

  22. PPKproductions3

    Nice video. I really enjoyed it.

  23. killer video..
    i remember all these episodes…
    Such nostalgia XD

  24. i really miss that serie !! D:

  25. Paul looks…looks very really cute @ 1:46