S Club 7 – Have You Ever (Official Music Video) – Jo O’Meara

Audio Weblog Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. omg meee! jajaja for real, thought i was the only one..

  2. Does anyone else remember thinking that Rachel looks so much like Rachel from friends?

  3. Iluvmitchelmusso101

    I was only 3 when this song was out and now i’m 15

  4. Why Are you watching S club videos then?

  5. virusfuckingshit1

    S Club 7 was crap

  6. The days when Jo O’Meara used to be able to sing well.

  7. shut up.

  8. your a cunt, an horrible cunt.

  9. congratulations! you are a certified wanker! come here and suck my cock!

  10. well bitch then i’m gay. Music doesn’t have a gender or race.

  11. if men like this. they’re gay!

  12. i lost my child 8 years ago had to go in to get it removed this song was playing when i came out hosp in car on way home

  13. I had such a crush on rachel stevens 🙂

  14. yeah listened to them all the time 🙂

  15. hell yeah 

  16. It was because she had the better voice! Dam the whole world knew that!

  17. i was so lucky that i lived in uk when sclub7 songs were on tv, i still remember the lyrics even after so many years passed & back in my country

  18. TheEbolagoner445

    i am dave! yognaught and i have the balls

  19. Like if you’re watching and singing this song 11 years after it was released 🙂

  20. LOL!

  21. I like to this movie.

  22. Agree! I disliked Jo back in the days because of that.

  23. dam right

  24. Missed these guys!