S Club 7 – Natural (Video Comparacion)(by Sclubroca)

Tunes Weblog Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Rachel Stevens looks soooo similar to Jennifer Aniston.

  2. Walter de la cruz

    me encanta

  3. That’s definitely just differences between video source and quality.

  4. nice vid dude

  5. Leon Alvarez Escobar


  6. i never saw the one on the left before, just the right

  7. Neden bu kadar az kişi beğenmiş

  8. turmiona vives

    Me hizo recordar cuando tenia 10 años =) !!

  9. like if you love Rachel Stevens 🙂

  10. Love 2012 and Youtube.
    Back then, the first time I saw this group and this video was in Nickelodeon, and I only was able to watch the end. Best part though.
    That almost did drive me crazy. Only days after I saw it all.
    The Album of this song (7) is one of the rare exceptions where I like almost all the songs.

  11. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    I never knew there were two versions (btw, the song title is “Natural” not “Oh So Natural”).

  12. Manuel Lupescu

    this was huge in mexico

  13. Thanks for putting this together. I’ve known for a long time there are 2 versions of the video, but I could never really trace which is which and where exactly the differences were. They’re pretty minor cosmetic changes, but you can tell there’s more Rachel in the USA version of the video – the label probably thought she would attract male audience and thus increase the chances to make the video popular.

  14. Barney Stinson

    it came easily enough…hahaha

  15. Roberto Meneses

    la plena que no sabia q habian 2 videos jaja…esta serie salio cuando era taroso jejeje..si me gustaba eran buenos…

  16. JellyBelly2148


  17. I’ve never seen the video on the right. There’s a lot more of Rachel in that… I like it.

  18. anthonysundown

    In the right, is it the american version of this song, it was out in september 2000, In USA the label of SClub7 was not “Plydor” but “Interscope”….

  19. where can i get the version on the right? i saw part of it in a commercial and can’t find it anywhere now

  20. Rodrigo Canales

    jejejje hay solo estas 2 versiones..pero hay otras qeu tienen otros audios, pero en imagenes yo sabia que eran estas 2

  21. shiftintoturbomax

    muy bueno, gracias por subirlo, no encontre el video de la derecha sin logos, donde lo puedo bajar nitido?

  22. Eduardo Solorzano

    una de las cosas q me di cuenta es que el video de la derecha muestra mas escenas de las chicas y el video de la izquierda mas escenas de los chicos! buen trabajo, ni sabia q habia dos videos distintos jajaja, si me parecia raro a veces que cuando veia el video habian cosas que no salian y despues lo veias despues de un tiempo y volvian a salir jajajjaja