S Club 7 – S Club Party (Official Music Video) – Rachel Stevens

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  1. I think you might be right.. Still.. If they wanted to rhyme thing and romance.. They could O.O

  2. Hmm I think Tina’s doing her dance, not her “thing”…

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  4. sweet7musical7dreams

    what year did they release this?

  5. 1:40 for those people debating where this “brand new” term “haters” came from. listen closely.

  6. She actually said Dance if you listen properly

  7. 1:00 Time is a wastin…

  8. Looking back this is so cheesy, but still good.

  9. LasergunExtreme

    The only line I don’t approve of is “Hoochie Mama, show your nanas”.

  10. im pretty sure tina is doing her “dance”

  11. What’s the point in making videos not available for mobile

  12. omg.. my childhood :’)

  13. Is it just me or are Tina and Jon sharing a safety belt?

  14. My childhood right here…

  15. ehhh I’m an 2000’s kid and I actually like this.. is this bad? 😛

  16. Oh no you didnt

  17. I used to watch this on Nickelodeon, when Nickelodeon was good…

  18. i used to watch this all the time 😀

  19. sounds like a retarted squirrell at 3:18 but whatever still love this song

  20. these were the best times of my life and they were a big part of my childhood

  21. Good luck being a nigger in 1959

  22. I remember watching the video when it came out…..you were the pretiest one of the S Club!

  23. go 90s

  24. The song’s catchy as Hell; thank fuck the acting isn’t.