S Club 7 – The Making of You Music Video – Rachel Stevens & Jo O’Meara

Songs Website Video Score: four / 5

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  1. Does anyone have the full music video for this song? I can’t seem to find anyone who does. If someone does have the full music video can you please message me?!?!

  2. There is something I always wanted to say about Joanne’s tattoo… THIS IS SPARTA! Trust me… the time you see her tattoo on her left arm, it’ll make you think about the making of the Spartan.

  3. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    She wasn’t knocked out. Just seriously cut.

  4. i no so was i i was like there biggest ever fan

  5. OMG That’s aweful!!
    And I was so looking forward to seeing them back together 🙁

  6. actually they did get back together well just three of them anyway bradley jo and paul and they started doing some giggs and then some idiot chucked a glass bottle at poor joes head which knocked her unconcious and paul had too drag her off stage! and because of this they are no longer re grouping i would just like to say who ever that idiot was ought to be ashemed at themselves!!!

  7. omg, Jo is such a girl! And all the time she seems like the tomboy…

  8. sweetsuga3289

    aww me and some people were just talking about s club 7. those were the good days. 🙂

  9. This is such an awesome music video. One of the best ever! They are so fun! Miss S Club days… 🙁

  10. awesome video 🙂 im miss them too 🙂 but it doesnt seem theyre gonna get back ALL THE 7 of them. theres just only 3 of them now reunited, and looks like its not gonna change

  11. they didnt lol, this is old

  12. wtf!! its sooo old hahha

  13. I do too!! I wish they would come back

  14. 2006roxyoboxmusa

    lol when did they come back???

  15. i miss and still love sclub!

  16. i miss s club 7

  17. me too

  18. TheRealJoselynGac

    is new music video?