S Club 7 – Viva La Fiesta (Music Video) – Jo O’Meara & Rachel Stevens

Songs Website Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. blackvenomnicole

    Hannah is soo beautiful.

  2. I don’t ever remember there being a video for this!

  3. Their bowling etiquette is all wrong. LOL

  4. i love this song

  5. it’s 4 a movie called back 2 the fifties

  6. miss you s club!

  7. The setting is a bit…unfitting. But anyway, this is one of my favourite S Club songs! 🙂

  8. 最高!

  9. dashingforums

    Did anyone else used to think it used to say ‘People love the S Club’ when we were younger instead of ‘Viva la Feista’ ?

  10. Can anyone explain why they are in a bowling alley?


  12. MrSimpleman26

    I Love Rachel Such a Natural Beauty….Paul Hair Looks Nice..S Club 7 Viva La Fiesta!!!

  13. stefanielea1992

    I wish I would’ve been a teenager during that time!

    But I was 8 and I still wanted to be just like them 🙂

  14. rchlkatherine

    bahaha 1:27

  15. they need to come back 🙂

  16. anyon who doesnt is just weird did ya no theres s club 3?

  17. out of everthing i rember from s club 7 tv shows this was the one bit wich never left my mind i even memba wanting one of their outfits

  18. wow its like being in the 50’s

  19. i miss these guys so much i used 2 watch this show all the time

  20. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    Love Jo’s form at bowling. lol

  21. latinos

  22. lmao 1:20! bradley is king

  23. aww i miss them !