S Club 8 – Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry [Official Music Video]

Music Weblog Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. rochelle follows me on twitter:D

  2. It’s from a childrens pop group. They were like 14! Don’t really think adult style RnB was their goal. Twit

  3. nhu lien Nguyen

    bài này chẳng hay không ấn tượng bài này nhưng mấy cô ả chỉ được một cô nổi bật daisy evans còn các chàng trai người nào cũng được nỗi bật nhất vẫn là aaron còn calvin lại rớt hạng

  4. Paradise Cymru

    well more mianland Europe style R’n’B which is still developing, this is poor for UK R’n’B

  5. Paradise Cymru

    this isnt R’n’B its more Europop

  6. I recognize all the auto-tuning they used.. I was in love with this band when I was like 8!

  7. IrishKeshiHead

    Oddly enough.. the album version sounds real different..

  8. 0:15 ‘Didn’t read the danger signs you crapped into my mind!’ …O.O…the hell?

  9. rishfordforever

    This is so RnB and FUNKY! Underrated song and album!

  10. this used to be one of my favourite songs ever, listening to it now, and still love it!

  11. 0:18…. i always mis-heard it as “you crapped into my mind” and i was like O_o?!

  12. AlexanderBClovesu

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  13. MrBlazerking101

    wish they comeback together agen like steps have.

  14. This is my fave song by these guys!! Aaron looks amazing

  15. Even the 90s bands had spin-offs of 90s bands. Hahaha! This is like Jonas and Big Time Rush

  16. beckydoodle4321

    it shows that girls fashion changes but boys dont

  17. WOW….so many memories

  18. i was so in love with stacey…id destroy her pussy

  19. my eyes are always drawn to Aaron, I’m not complaining, just an observation lol

  20. Harrymondrykmad

    Omg god calvin u stunner<3

  21. jmoisesamaya1

    aaron waas the best in this vid

  22. pinkyjoannah20

    i see them in 2002 🙂 now they broked now it good better now they move to doing them self it ok x

  23. caitlinlovesJLSXXX

    i think they should make a new s club juniors 🙂


  25. Daisy Hannah Frankie Stacey Rochelle Calvin Aaron and Jay 3 boys 5 girls no wonder girls are more talented