S Club – Alive (Official Music Video) – Rachel Stevens and Jo O’Meara

Tunes Weblog Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. EmoChildOfThaNight


  2. StolenPersonality

    They are getting back together- this year! 😀

  3. your a prick hows that , i mean come on s club 7 were 10 years ago, also rachel the rider killer should give up her solo career keep lady gaga

  4. yes S club “7” are all coming back for a reunion tour and 2 albums 😀

  5. From what I hear from my mates, S Club are getting back together.

  6. good song dont understand why it didnt do well

  7. brandonleemusic

    The reason pop bands from the 90’s are so much better is because they didnt sign everyone who released a COVER on youtube. They actually held talent searches and the people who made it were humble and didnt have a huge youtube base to inflate their egos. Im not gonna live if everyone listened to my music on youtube that would be great but it is sad that the days of releasing quality music are numbered because apparently if you can cover a song your an artist. LONG LIVE SCLUB!!! THEY WORKED HARD!

  8. it’s unfair that the 90’s teens gets all the best teen music, man I wish I was born in the early or mid 80’s too. I don’t want lady gaga, or justin bieber. I prefer a teens, s clubs and others 90’s band.

  9. i hope they get back together this yr & it wasnt a rumor

  10. martialartgirl23

    Hasta la vista Paul. lol. <3 Sclub 7. I was 2 when they came out and they r so much better than rap and all those songs. SCLUB7 4EVER!!!!!!

  11. LaurelVentura

    That last shot of Rachel. Epic cleavage.


  13. stargazerlily86

    Never seen this music video, wow S Club 7 grew up!

  14. bradley….HOT! <3

  15. Yes. -dance-

  16. If S Club got back together, everyone from the 90’s would just take over the world. The joy would be indescribable. I don’t think there’s a single 90’s kid that can say they don’t like S Club! Even my mum adores them! (Not as much as me, but close enough ;))

  17. jo meara is racist and i hate her

  18. Tomthestarhartnell

    three of them are back together now, and the rest are in talks about it,
    S Club 3 are Jo, Bradley, and Paul

  19. its just not the same with only 6 of them :'( i do love s club though!

  20. Forgot how much i love this song

  21. like if alex day brought you her 😀

  22. love this band

  23. yea, he left early to mid series.

  24. Racel’s my fave.