S Club – Dance (Music Video) – Jo O’Meara & Rachel Stevens

Music Website Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. One Direction :D

    We WISH that they were together again! But sadly they arent. D: but some of
    the members are still making performances places. Gemma Styles, Harry
    Style’s sister, although irrelevant, anywho. Gemma Styles poster on her
    Twitter about seeing them, DAYS ago. Just saying. 

  2. do u live in the US?

  3. are they together again?

  4. lol whoa when this this come out I thought they were long gone

  5. Sorry. I didn’t see the USA. :p b/c this is the BBC version of this
    episode, there are the little extra stuff that we didn’t get in the US.

  6. chido video

  7. this is great! so clear!

  8. CaptainAmericaPro

    just reminds me of the clones dancing to this in the movie :O

  9. this is from the show!

  10. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    Would I have “USA” in my nick if I didn’t? 😉 lol

  11. Is so cool

  12. R they still living plzzzź tell me Oh this song ROOOOOOLLLLLLLsSSSs

  13. I always loved Rachel and Hannah but man, why didn’t I realize how
    attractive Jon was when I was little?!

  14. @coolgirlrosy7 they are still living as people, the people of the group are
    all living, but they are not a group anymore…well the 2 boys and Jo are
    together, as S club 3. lol.

  15. zanessaandjobrosable

    rachel is beautiful!

  16. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    Don’t think I’ve seen this version with the random sky shots.