S Club – Do It Till We Drop (Music Video) – Rachel Stevens

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  1. me too. prob. getting too old & needs to be reuploaded

  2. TheManiacOnWheelsUSA

    I’ve seen this video pop up on my recommendations many times, but this is the first time it’s screwed up on me. Odd.

  3. PlanetKazzi666

    this song was my life <3

  4. love this song my fav..by them.

  5. tina is soooooooooooo sexy

  6. Bradley, seriously, hot!!!

  7. soccerballfreeak3

    thats what i do

  8. I love this song too…
    Everytime hear this song make want party 🙂

  9. Video tutorial?No,i don’t think so… just watch this video and learn it,girl!;) that’s the secret ;):D

  10. i love this song …
    i always danced to this song in my room 😛

  11. I learned this choreography 7 years ago …. and i still can dance like this!:OO

  12. fricken love these.ever since i was little XD

  13. xxxxkazuyaxxxx

    It is a pity that they disbanded – To me they just started to develop thier very own style and sound in “Seeing Double”.

    Oh and I believe many S Club songs like Whole Lotta Nothin’ and Do It Till We Drop would make great singles. (^_^)

  14. britsaravicky


  15. fluteplayer007

    could who look any gayer?

  16. Can he possibly look any gayer…

  17. Jonny L made this tune, he is the fucking bomb, unfortunatly s club aint.

  18. They have worn those outfits before, they wore them at the concert i went to in 2000

  19. I just finished downloading it message me your e-mail and I’ll send it.

  20. ☠I can get any vid on youtube in mp3. as long as there is a vid, I can download it. cd’s don’t turn out so great yet, but on an mp3 player they work fine.ツ☮

  21. do you have any other songs by them? i really want whole lotta nothing but i cant find it anywhere.

  22. those dance move look complicated.

  23. I can send you the song in mp3 format if you message me your e-mail.

  24. wow thats weird i was looking for s club 7 on myspace and it has pictures of them in those same outfits but paul is in the pictures and in the video hes not there.

  25. somebody can post a link to download this song? pleaseee.