S Club Juniors (8) – Automatic High [Official Music Video]

Music Blog site Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. I used to be obsessed with Frankie. To a frightening degree. I’m 68 years old (JOKE!).

  2. She actually did. Listen to We got you and she sings the second verse

  3. KirstySpencer1991

    back in the day when i liked the group frankie and rochelle were in…cannot STAND the saturdays!

  4. deerstalker999

    What year is this song..?

  5. lol in my day Calvin Goldspink not Justin Bieber.

  6. blast from the past!

  7. The boys in this video are freakin bipolar…

  8. Frankie is so beautiful, such sallow skin! And she has a gorgeous voice <3

  9. I can’t believe Hannah is married with two kids now…I feel old

  10. kieralee1dmastin


  11. ah childhood we meet again.

  12. stacey always gets the hott guyy !! x

  13. OMG Frankie & Rochelle look soooo young here

  14. The one who has black hair and is wearing a pink/light red top and white pants. 😀
    she starts singing by 0:54 🙂

  15. which ones frankie from the saturdayz?

  16. cthesupergenius

    Me and my friend made a dance to this in primary school. It’s so lame but back then it was my favourite song. But it was the only popular song I knew.

  17. TheRocketvenom

    if you didn’t want to be in S Club when you were little you had no childhood.

  18. I did too ! Did you get anywhere?

  19. im replying to myself

  20. i remember when i auditioned for this thumbs up if you did

  21. iloveidolseason8

    lol! i made my own group that’s similar to s club 8 but except we’re american and there’s 9 children 4 girls and 5 boys.boys and girls singing together these days…

  22. TheGoldenFishHook

    @fragsfifa exactly why i watched this!!!!

  23. 2002…

  24. lol this is not 90s music my friend. The album was released in 2002…