S Club Juniors (8) – One Step Closer [Official Music Video]

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  1. LasergunExtreme

    This is so anti-educational! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Dear God, do I feel old!

  3. i would eat all their asses out and smear all their shit all over my face while getting the little boy to stick his finger up my ass and make circular motions and the other boy masturbate me very gently

  4. cuteandsweetgirl97

    I used to have a chalk board in infant school and when the teacher left , i wanted the room to turn into a disco lol this song was always in my head!

  5. cuteandsweetgirl97

    It was 2002

  6. cuteandsweetgirl97

    Primary School Disco days! 🙂 i can’t believe this song is 10 years old!!!

  7. rochelle still looks the same but frankie i definitely didn’t recognise!baby faced or what??

  8. Littlemissdramatic12

    Frankie and Rochelle from the Saturdays :p

  9. AzzarClarKyy95

    i was born in the 90s, but this song actually came out aroun 2002 or 2003

  10. すご!まじでジュニアだぁー><

  11. awkward how I haven’t heard this song for three years and I still know all of the words…..

  12. CharlieSlater

    would make love to them all tbh.

  13. i know
    there should be sclub 8 re-union
    excpet won’t be same because frankie and daisy look well diffrent

  14. This was both everything that was wrong with my childhood and everything that was right with it.

  15. 10 years ago today, this song was released!

  16. In what other situations would you need to control skeleton models with your mind?

  17. partyrockingal

    Wait these guys split!!!!! WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME ANYTHING?! ILOVE THESE GUYS!!!

  18. partyrockingal

    Hey im a ”typical british kid” us kids rock! I like calvin old name though, theyre probs about 18 now though to OLd for me!

  19. XILoveYouSoMuchX1996

    like if you still listen to this now 🙂

  20. Still hate the fact these guys split, they would probably still be big.

  21. livelifelovemusic10

    such a good tune;)

  22. mirandadelacerveza

    where can i learn this dance?

  23. see what all my classes are like? kids only moan about school because were expected to. then the powers start and the hour is made of song after song after song

  24. angelthesatsNVS1

    Thumbs up if your still watching this in 2012!

  25. havapintoflager

    used to love this