S Club Juniors (8) – Puppy Love [Official Music Video]

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  1. dragothecool2

    Which one is Tina Barret

  2. aww they all look at calvin as if hes a freak :'( but hes not 🙂


  4. jmoisesamaya1

    Calvin’s voice sounds so girly just like Justin bieber

  5. Justin Sangha

    Hey Calvin Rocks!!!

  6. is this the kid who composed this hopeful romantic song?

  7. ReapersAnarchy

    Justin Bieber aint got shit

  8. rochelle and frankie is now in the saterdays

  9. rochelle and frankie is nopw in the saterdays

  10. Clausita26preciosa


  11. XSweetiepieleilaX

    Awww so cute I love this song so much xxx

  12. bless Calvin, as if he fancies Rachel Stevens, bless his little gay soul.

  13. they made some good songs and video’s. What happened to them? where they ripped of by their record company or did they end up on drugs?

  14. rochelle, stacey and hannah are very hot and sexy.

  15. calvin is sao gawjus here, i wish he was dis age still!xx

  16. SongwriterChic

    I miss them!

  17. cingkak

  18. Gottalovecable

    i love calvin man he is so sexy hes tottally young here but young or old his one sexy dude

  19. 1:41 Hannah touching Jay’s ass

  20. i love dis song Calvin is da one i like and i love da dog at da end iv loved this song since i was reali young(spellin)

  21. my friend sang this for the talent show

  22. dylanandcoleforever

    ahhhh the dog at the end sooo cute

  23. lol this song is so cute