S Club – Reach Official Music Video

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  1. VideosEntertaiment

    i loveed hannah haha

  2. Buttcracksally28

    gotta comment Bradley’s hair looks great here and his hair in L A also. y did he want braids well because its his hair and he wants it.

  3. silvergameblade

    @gdamatov77 So true

  4. its amazing how no one on youtube has the original Reach music video. And the “official video” has apparently become clips or scenes of them performing the song in one of the shows’ episodes. I wish someone had the original official video for this song

  5. priscilla87mx

    *-* Jon is so cute :D

  6. Could anybody show me the real reach music video. This is just a clip from the show.

  7. Too bad they always skip Jon’s verse!

  8. So sad they r disbanded

  9. ok

  10. I love so much that song!