Spice Girls launch new musical Viva Forever: Interview

Tunes Blog Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. Mel B looks like she does NOT want to be there. Lol. They all look fantastic, though. x

  2. I think they all actually look the best they ever have. They have aged well 🙂

  3. Mel B are so angry at Victoria for ruining the Queens diamond Jubilee and the Olympics oppertunities. Thats y shes standing as long as possible from her. And I feel bad for Geri ok She left but it was over 10 years ago and why cant the other girls forgive and move on?

  4. i wish ppl will leave victoria alone thats just her she has always been that way i truly feel if she didnt like them she wouldnt have been there she has plenty of money

  5. Cheer up Vicky you moody cow!!!

  6. rafinhasulista

    Melanie B has always been more complete. The most beautiful voice of the group, always humorous, body in shape. A great artist.

  7. Bitches

  8. stevenjsmith1903

    I don’t know why but Victoria looked a bit like a frail Michael Jackson

  9. Only fags and poofs will love this.

  10. Mel B looks like Beyonce in this video, reminds me with the music video best thing i never had by Beyonce

  11. everyone gets excited when this 5 girls get together! SPICE GIRLS FOREVER!

  12. All skint again then bitches

  13. quite some glaring from mel c. to geri…

  14. They are getting poor , so they need money

  15. mynameistania

    Mel c looks amazing! Don’t get any skinnier though!

  16. U can still see a little tension in body language between geri and mel b

  17. Girls… I love it!!! Saludos from Sinaloa for you!!!

  18. BeautifulVixen101

    Omg omg soooooooo exited!!!!

  19. what  bunch of lovely ladies.

  20. should rename themselves to spice milfs

  21. They are still all so beautiful! specially Mel C. and Victoria! i love them…

  22. when “girls power” have became “botox power”

  23. Geri & victoria are amazing

  24. hiphopismydrug1

    mel B and emma are hot

  25. Las AMO a todas!!!! Emma se ve estupenda!!!!