Spice Girls – Let Love Lead The Way

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  1. I remember when this single was released and used to buy Smash Hits at the time, they were real critical of the Spice Girls during this era, and there used to be all these crap girlbands like Atomic Kitten and GirlThing at the time and they’d be slagging off the Spices, but if it wasn’t for the Spice Girls, these imitation girlbands wouldn’t have been wanted! Also, Destiny’s Child acted like they were the ones who pioneered Girl Power when Spices did that! Spice Girls will always be the best!

  2. PS3andHeavyMetalfan1

    “No matter what, we must go on”
    Yeah… that went well, didn’t it?

  3. bluemusicpeace12

    There best song.

  4. destinys child were only massive in the us. spice girls were a phenomenom in the whole world.

  5. no, DC was unsuccessful…. Um HELLO??!! Beyoncé is all about girl power, remember when the spice girls said that every woman is the perfect example is Girl Power!

  6. emma looka great in that dress

  7. PS3andHeavyMetalfan1

    Maybe so (to some degree), but they didn’t last long after she left.

  8. PS3andHeavyMetalfan1

    She left in late May of 1998 because the other girls pissed her off.

  9. PS3andHeavyMetalfan1

    “One day you’re here, the next you’re gone, no matter what we must go on”
    That worked out well, didn’t it?

  10. Spice Girls are Spice Girls!!!

  11. alexandrehhf2

    2ne1 are the new spice girls

  12. iamdjmusiclover123

    i sing this it’s feels like singing with selena justin alden aljur kris ariana and demi miley and taylor s. and big time rush. I’m just saying. i miss the spice girls. i love that song. it’s a beautiful song no hate pls. Peace And Love.

  13. this song is so blah, compared to the other songs. boo.

  14. Sporty Spice hair is fugly, i wish she kept it long with a pony tail with the blue streaks, that would of fitted better with this music video #NoHate

  15. KnickknacksLo

    Now, this is how you remwmber good music.. Unlike the music today.. T_T I mean, What happened? =__=

  16. TheDiegoChris

    Destiny’s Chld is the girlband that sold the biggest amount of album.

  17. she quit the spice girls after the second album.

  18. TheWickedlover11

    Posh shouldn’t have got plastic surgery …

  19. This is a Spice Girls video, it has nothing to do with Destinys Child. There’s no need to bash them. Grow Up.

  20. where is Ginger Spice??

  21. crying…

  22. I dnt member this one

  23. Renaesokind88

    I guessed they loved the sporty looked playing with the water……….lol

  24. cjetelomar2010

    dont worry, i NEVER liked Destiny’s Child anyway… they were just too SENSUAL and SEXUAL… they just dont really have class and style like you said…

  25. GeileSexyZeiten

    Yes, I agress with you! I´m also sure they would still rule the charts. But nowadays music scene and charts is so overfilled with talentless crap. They would be probably too good to chart!!!