Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There

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  1. I can’t believe I miss being 14, but I do. I would literally give my life just to spend one day in the ’80s or ’90s. The 2000s are hell.

  2. hehe, well spotted. Never crossed my mind, that. I’d like to sail on baby spice all the way there

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  4. Constanza Sepulveda

    <3 <3

  5. Science, Y U no invented HD videos back in the 90’s?

  6. interzoneincorporate

    ahaha, secca baby, esta é pra ti ♥

  7. My guess is this vid was NOT shot in England. Lots of Sun and Desert???  No way! Prob in the California desert?? Palm Springs or Arizona??

  8. Ginger Spice should’ve never left the group. BIG Mistake! It hastened the demise of the group. Damn, Posh looks just about the same then that she looks today. Hasn’t gain a damn POUND on her!  Even after 3 boys in her brood. What DIET is Victoria on????

  9. Aaaah! Back to simple times huh 😀 Life was peachy back then!

  10. for me it was all about baby and posh they be sexy!! haha

  11. rickenbackerlawlor

    haha yes id nearly forgottn about that. thoes were they days .

  12. 1:21 on the left: RANDOM LEVITATION 😀

  13. scrolled up after writing this and saw the part of the nigger in the band and decided, not really.

  14. yeah, yeah, hot

  15. Sucks that they don’t make anymore music like this nowadays. They only reunite to do concerts and open merchandise for the group. I wonder if they ever hated being in a group? 😛

  16. LouisianaCityboi

    Every little black dress needs a pair of bright blue gloves..

  17. Me too! hahaha oh that was a way to grow up :’) Kids these days wont experience the joy of this music and memories with it 🙁

  18. i remember being 4 years old dancing to this. my cousins and me would imitate them. I was Scary!

  19. OMG that would be awesome
    imagine emma with nick xD

  20. This gives me a Catwoman vibe. :S

  21. as a kid growing up listening to the spice girls i wanted so bad to take a journey around london in a big red bus, lol, i still do… <3 spice girls...

  22. Spice World!!! <3