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  1. victoria doesnt really wanna be their you can tell by her body language she’s not as bothered as the rest of the girls that is because she is soo sucsessful anyway unlike the other girls….if she doesnt wanna be their just F OFF girl!!!!!

  2. how can victoria not laugh seeing the others do? i can’t stand it when i see other people laugh and especially my friends!!!


    Vicki doesn’t wanna be there or have anything to do with them now lol

  4. Widad Jebli Boudries

    Victoria –‘

  5. BestOfMelanieC

    3:12 “We’ve got the Olympics this year”…. –> Geri!!

  6. “Victoria’s DEFINETLY buzzing!” LOL! x

  7. Victoria looks so shy, haha

  8. she’s ugly with or without her smile

  9. HAHA! You’re not in our gang!

  10. i just dont see why ppl r pickn on victoria she laughed in this interview but she did cover her mouth when she did it i didnt see and tension between them ppl r just making something out of nothing she has always been this way

  11. dudewheresmycar47

    I am gonna do my very best to see their musical. who knows they may perform in the near future. finger crossed.

  12. They definitely lost their spark

  13. Posh has always been the posey, pouty one.

  14. Posh looks like she’s going to pass out. Is she starving? Geri is still my fave… I want her to sit on my face.

  15. it seems Mel B and Melanie C hate Victoria now

  16. victoria looks like shes fakeing it u can feel the tensions beetween the girls and victoria

  17. Victoria, drugs, psych, dumb, personality problems, problems in home, fear ?

  18. As always Victoria is forever ”D. Beckham’s wife”. No need to be so condesending. At least show some support for the girls. They were so happy, and this bitch was so disgusting.

  19. Victoria on crack.

  20. god Victoria stop being so misberable you are married to David Beckham

  21. For those of you who don’t know, It’s in Victoria’s contract not to smile!

  22. VB looks like a special needs girl. Trying too hard to pose. Ugh

  23. So. I’ll rather keep my integrity, than get a lot of money for something I don’t really believe in..

  24. I just got a flashback from the Spice Girls back in the days, where the girls had Victoria almost as a target and I always recall Geri being the most annoying to Victoria! Geri still is :S Victoria should get credd for even showing up, but she is loyal to the girls and remains a sweetheart! Way to go V.B ‎{{ ♥ }}

  25. They still love each other really. Melanie C WAS actually listening. She was I think nodding in agreement to what Victoria was saying. And so was Melanie B when Victoria said something about loving to be with them aside from her kids.