Spice Girls – Viva Forever

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  1. The rubix cube shrinks into a palm size. He’s trying to find out what went wrong and solve all questions. He sees eggs (similar to that from which the bird came from) and sees the giant machine that produces them. This means that in the end he discovers where all the troubles came from. He then puts the solved rubix cube into an egg, closes it, connoting that he finally figures out the answers. He throws the egg back into the machine, turns away and leaves, meaning he finally moves on.

  2. Sth happens along their journey. The bird represents a concept that looks amazing, but it’s a deception. One of two, suspects and turns back. Though the two are not travelling anymore together, one of them watches in the background, and waits his friend to return. But his friend/lover becomes apart. The individual who turned back, driven by his love goes to meet his friend in his world. Arrives too late and his friend disappears into his world, leaving behind unanswered questions (the puzzle).

  3. 90s: the time when pop was awesome.

  4. omfgstupidutube

    Is it a girl or a boy that goes in the rubix cube?

  5. kinder surprise.

  6. nostalgia hurts 🙁

    usually songs by backstreet boys, spice girls, aqua, toy box etc make me just happy with nostalgia. but something about this one specific song makes me reflect more over my childhood, and makes me want go back.

  7. and one more thing is at the end there are only 4 fairies came out, one missing. The missing fairy must be geri. And in the video the fairy left her friends to stayed with the lil kid at the dream land and play with him i think. I think theres a lesson, if u take something from the others, u will lose something of yours. Theres no way u can be happy by stealing anothers happiness. The happiest way is to share it with the others

  8. kocham kocham kocham tą piosenkę <3

  9. MrMountaineer15

    According to Wikipedia, the person who enters the Rubik’s cube is a girl. Also, when the fairies follow the young boy at the end, there are only four of them. So, the boy missed his chance to go with the girl into a new world and then, when the Rubik’s cube became small, he took the cube into the woods to the coin vending machine and put it into a ball and sent it back where it belonged. It was his way of letting go (as the group did when Geri left). However, he knew that he would never forget.

  10. BrenTheGorgeous

    the hilarious irony of this song is it came out just after Geri left the group to escape the bullying XD

  11. Long live forever 🙂 

  12. MajorRusherKCJL

    how old is this song? – i can remember listening to this when i was like 6-7 or something, but that feels like too long….oh well, it feels nice that i can understand the music video a little better now.

  13. This song is my all time favourite from them! So beautiful!

  14. Live Forever, I think :)

  15. What does “Viva Forever” mean???

  16. One of the most beautiful ballads of the 90’s by a band who defined the generation – Flawless

  17. the kid with the long hair is a boy.

    they couldn’t made a video with the girls themselves bcz at this point Jerry already left the group.

  18. yeah..me too

  19. Did anyone else collect the Spice Girls stickers when they were young ? 🙂

  20. In the 90s even the pop music was not crap…

  21. puffinthekush

    wow. then you missed an epic part of the 90’s but atleast they left their music so you can somewhat experience it. xD

  22. Quỳnh Nguyễn Ngọc Phương

    what a nice song ! but i still not understand this video much !!! WHERE WAS THE BOY WHO WEAR GLASSES ???!

  23. The MV … is really creepy , I still couldn’t forget it since I first saw , but the song is epicly nice !