Spice Girls – Wannabe – Lyrics – Official Lyric Video

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  1. its such a bore i dont like it sorry folks but thumbs down here

  2. I cant get this out my head i reply it over and over i love and hate it

  3. Song of my childhood…

  4. listening to this from Chicken Little(;

  5. I wish our society today could be like the days in the good ole 90s

  6. The songs from the 90’s can be so much better sometimes….instead of all the music about sex that we have today…….. -.-

  7. johncenafan1155


  8. Chillig. xD

  9. itbetimez2partay

    Chicken Little

  10. This song never gets old!

  11. alexus123purple

    So tell me what you want what you REALLY REALLY want! Lolz love it

  12. @xhallyy no there’s a straight boy I know and he loves this song ^_^

  13. I remember dancing to this song as a little kid with my friends lol

  14. i <3 spice girls!!

  15. is it wrong for a straight guy to like this song? lol.


  17. mimihernandez92

    My god I remember putting diz song all the time I love it….I miss the spice girls!!!

  18. deathprodigy125

    past sounds like ass

  19. nintendogsbreeder1

    Old old olllllld song! Old songs are so boring, but Spice Girls never get old! If u wanna b ma luva u gotta get with my friends make it last 4 eva friendship never ends.

  20. MsBeautifulloveable

    Whoo!! This song is old but pretty good.

  21. Nice song

  22. I’ll tell u what I want what I really really want I want to be a singer

  23. oh my, the decade of boybands and whose line is it anyway

  24. i love this song :DDDD

  25. best song ever 😀

    The chorus is the best 😉