Spice Girls – Wannabe

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  1. Best marilyn manson cameo ever at 3:01

  2. ther don’t like bra~~haha

  3. how the look back on this video now!

  4. no bra!

  5. there are so many things wrong with this video.

  6. oh lawd i remember when i was obsessed with these guys.

  7. CpXatMrBieber

    This song came from 1996 and it sounds EPIC!

  8. lilsquishy203

    Yeah you are if you don’t like the spice girls!!!

  9. Ginger Spice and Scary Spice look like the funest girls!

  10. onlyhuman2121

    these girls were so sexy back when i was a kid lol i was like 3 seing this

  11. showmegoodstuff

    I fukin LOVE redhead spice

  12. Martin Delgado

    fucking GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Aw I wonder if the old lady at 3:01 is still alive!

  14. theman1997ify

    lol i think that would be great for to days girls lol

  15. theman1997ify

    lol if i m right this song came out in 1997 and if i am that was a great year for me i was born lol

  16. wyruchał bym wszystkie na raz i osobno tez

  17. haha did noone wear bra’s in 90s?!!!?? i was a child so cant remember haha

  18. LOL! 😀 

  19. luckycricket23

    How did they do that in one take?


  20. thats horrible

  21. Back handspring 2:19 ♥

  22. 0:21 hair embossed was already fashion in 1996!!!!

  23. Yes, this song had something, many rhythm changes all linked together, good rhythms, whether it was a hit