Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are

Music Website Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Don’t you dare speak to me like that !! I’m not clearly a stupid whereas you are manifestly a moron if anything due to you’ve written a lot of foolish things among other things because you are a twat while i’ve said simply the honest and well-known truth. Who do you think you are ? You’re nothing ! Don’t do again you stupid idiot ! You’re simply a halfwit. So shut up !

  2. You really are stupid.

  3. Do it, it makes no difference because Wiki is always updated so it would deny your wrong informations some other time in one way or another. Wiki is a serious reliable source so only the TRUE informations will be reported. So there ! You should not continue to defend your untenable opinion. And then the sales data i mentioned are UNDENIABLE data anyway so Wiki must simply confirm them like any other reliable source of information would do it !

  4. Do you not realize I can go and change something on WIKI right now if I wanted too? It’s not scholars who post information..

  5. Xander Sterling

    Love these bitches! 😉 True power of manufactured pop icons! Wish they were still around

  6. As i said Wiki would NEVER surely report certain DATA if these data weren’t true. However Spice Girls became a real internation PHENOMENON and historical during FEW YEARS.Spice Girls are more successfull as well as they’ve sold much more records than a lot of world bands and world acts of history although these bands and acts started their carrer many years earlier.Biebs didn’t any phenomenal thing or extraordinary records unlike Spice Girls.They SUDDENLY shot to international fame unlike him

  7. Sorry but you’re clearly wrong! Wiki is the REAL trustworthy source of information existing. It’s WELL- KNOWN.Apart from this,Wiki would NEVER surely report certain DATA if these data weren’t true like any other SERIOUS and RELIABLE source! So there ! Wiki simply confirms Spice Girls as the best selling world female band of all time just because no other female band as well as no other girl-group of history has sold as much records as Spice Girls indeed.I compared them due to some remark here.

  8. WIki is wrong a lot of the time… It’s not a reliable source. Whenever I do essays or papers for my schooling we’re all told not to use WIKI because it’s NOT reliable. You can not compare him and the spice girls. Both are known worldwide but their genres are completely different and they’ve been around much much longer.

  9. You’re wrong due to Wiki’s a real reliable source reporting always undeniable data and the truth.Then it’s always periodically updated.So it isn’t embarrassing adverting Wiki AT ALL.I’ve never caught ANY error in Wiki and i don’t know anyone’ve ever caught any kind of error in it.Spice Girls are actually the most famous and the world best selling female band of all time so even Wiki must confirm that.Yes, the 2 mustn’t compared because Spice Girls are true superstars worldwide while he isn’t

  10. Kamillalovise

    These girls is a part of my childhood

  11. Actually I’ve caught many errors in WIKI with their facts. It’s an embarrassment to use them as a resource so don’t.. I’m not saying you’re wrong about how many records they’ve sold etc, I’m just telling you not to site them. Besides, how dare you compare the two anyways..

  12. What nonsense?! If the facts quoted by Wikipedia weren’t true,Wiki would NEVER report them ! it’s so obvious! Wiki’s actually based only on ESTABLISHED FACTS.That’s why people must write the TRUTH on it ! But then NO ONE can deny that Spice Girls’ve sold over 75 million records WORLDWIDE while ALL girl-groups/bands of history sold FEWER records than them worldwide.It’s about UNDENIABLE sales data! e.g.55 mill.sold by TLC and 50 mill.by Destiny’s Child.I live in Italy and he’s not REALLY popular

  13. You mentioned biebs, yet you live in Italy, yet you claimed he is unknown there. Do you see how you contradicted yourself? For future reference, I would NOT use WIKI as a sited resource because anyone can post that information..

  14. Biebs isn’t actually known in Italy.However as if it was,Biebs isn’t SURELY as big as Spice Girls in Italy like in the rest of the world.Plus Spice Girls are historical indeed because their extraordinary and unprecedent success worldwide as well as because they are the best selling world female band of all time BY FAR as even Wikipedia confirms.ALL female bands as well as ALL girl-groups of history cannot boast over 75 million records sold by Spice Girls WORLDWIDE.Whereas Biebs isn’t historical

  15. J Biebs is known in italy lol

  16. I Love The Spice Girls!

    All the best music came out in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s!

    The 60s makes me nostalgic for a time when modern music was exciting and new.

    The 70s and 80s are my all time favourites for good quality music with great singers.

    But if I want a bouncy castle party with party hats then I will play 90s music! It’s all good!

    If I want to feel low, miserable and dirty I will play 21st century music haha.

  17. Geri is on twitter: @GeriHalliwell

  18. Back in the 90’s, I used to sit around on a Saturday morning and record all my favorite music videos to VHS, I reckon I had this song recorded about 6 times because I loved it so much. These days, there’s youtube, not a Saturday morning project!

  19. what did one piece of poo say to the other??? 0:25

  20. OMG this song is so cool! I used to listen to the Spice Girls and dance to their songs when I was between 7-10. Now I am 24 and I still think these are awesome songs!!

  21. MrFluorescentDream

    funk, disco, in a dance.pop struct

  22. I have to admit. I got teary eyed when I watched this a few months ago. It reminded me of my childhood, when I was five, six. I remember wanting to be a Spice Girl. I wanted to be powerful and beautiful and fun like them. It made think of how good things were back then, I didn’t have to worry who was talking shit on me or having a girlfriend, or having my heart broken. I miss this music. This is the real deal. GIRL POWER.

  23. giving is good AS LONG AS YOUR GETTING!!!