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May 15

Geri Halliwell returned from Spice Girls reunion in Morocco

Geri Halliwell, the former Spice Girls star, is back in the United Kingdom as the nation attempts to get over the reunion of Spice Girls in the weekend. Geri posed for a photo with her former bandmates Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham and Mel C as they met up in Morocco to celebrate Victoria’s hubby David’s 40th birthday.

Well, Geri is now back and she really appeared to relish a great say with her family members as she took a selfie on a boat. The Brit singer is seen smiling in the snap, while her lover Christian Horner is seen rowing. Bluebell, her daughter, was also in the snap. She is seen smiling sporting a life jacket.

It is a huge surprise that she has had a great and relaxing day following the Spice Girls reunion over the weekend. Sporty, Ginger and Baby all jetted out to Marrakesh to serve their ex bandmate’s hubby celebrate his birthday. Continue reading →

Feb 15


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Jun 14

Spice Girls STOP music video

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Mar 14

Meet Me Halfway – Spice Girls and Bruno Mars Parody Wedding Music Video

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Sep 13

Wannabe – Spice Girls (Sims 2 Music Video)

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Aug 13

Mel B suggested Geri for Australia’s Got Talent

Former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell has stated that she and her fellow ex Spice Girl member Mel B had an intense and fiery relationship but says their friendship is really a true one. Geri has taken over from Mel B as a judge on the popular show Australia’s Got Talent after Mel B could not be a part of the show for contractual reasons.

Geri Halliwall has been speaking about how it was Mel B who suggested her name as a replacement on the judges’ panel. Geri told that Melanie B and shed had their issues. It was not a secret at all. She picked up the telephone and said, ‘Geri, you should do it and I’ll speak to the producer.’ It warmed her heart and gave her goosebumps. A true friend put her hand up for me.

Geri Halliwell is working on the pilot of a sitcom for Channel 4 named Geri: Life Sucks. The former Spice Girls singer unveiled a teaser video for the show that featured Geri Halliwell in bed with a handsome man who reveals that he is on a mission to sleep with all the Spice Girls.

Studio Objective Productions are reportedly helping to develop the pilot for the show. According to reports, an Objective Productions’ spokesperson told a leading tabloid that they were currently developing an idea for a television show with Geri in which she laughs gamely at herself and her fame. The show would see Geri try to balance the everyday pressures of being a mom and an international pop sensation.

Jun 13

Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls (Lyric Video)

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May 13

Spice Girls-Wannabe Music Video

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