Take That – «The Garden» [Official Music Video] [HD]

Music Website Video clip Rating: four / five

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  2. fav song ever!! because they sing all the members!! perfect song!

  3. Stupendi tutti e 4…..!

  4. SONG FOR TODAY I’m not a huge Take That fan, but I do like this song

  5. Ahhhhhhh…….I can’t wait to see these guys in July. bring it on!!!!

  6. This song was played at my best friends dads funeral. This song is
    beautiful. <3.

  7. umm…i love take that and Im terribly confused how i have never seen
    this……oh sorry i just came out from under my rock apparently….Love
    you boys

  8. watch relight my fire and then this.. they have changed so much it makes me
    laugh i still love them though 😛

  9. How is it possible not to love these guys, Markie is and has always been my
    favourite, but I truly love all of them.. This song is so beautiful, as all
    the other song they’ve made of course XD

  10. ♥ This is the life we’ve been given, you open your mind and start livin. ♥

  11. silverstartrucker

    Great group. Great song. Defective sound, alas.

  12. 20 thousand veiws. seriously? swagger jagger has millions. How does that

  13. Amazing song 🙂

  14. Howard has a solo *-*

  15. @BabyGurl00818 they only released it in europe, but they should have
    released it in the uk, it would have done really well here :)) xx.

  16. Why haven’t I seen this sooner?! Amazing video, love this song : )

  17. hefestioncensurado

    i love your site, is unique

  18. @BabyGurl00818 which bit does Jason come in at?

  19. TakeThatterMarkOwen

    Never seen this video before. Love Love it! <3

  20. oh man couldn’t they have used a clearer version of the music? this hurts
    my ears

  21. Jason needs to do more singing lead!!! He’s soooooo amazing! I luv them
    all, but seriously, he’s so great!

  22. @RolandDeschain1 it was released as a single in germany and europe instead
    of Up All Night that was released in the UK

  23. this song is normally about 5 minutes long, they cut some of it off which
    is a shame because this is a really good song of theirs.

  24. My soul come alive with this beautiful song<3

  25. why has not Vevo posted it?