Take That – Back For Good

Music Weblog Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. i love it <3

  2. This is the first song of there’s I heard years ago and I loved it then, and I still love it today!!!

  3. O Max do the wanted lembra muito o Robbie nessa época.. ^^

  4. Esse Gary é uma maravilha…
    Vai ser lindo assim lá em casa meu filho…

  5. I remember this song from back in the day.

  6. absolutely love this track.

  7. the dancing kills me. last half of this video shouldn’t exist

  8. Watched this on the hit BCC 3 show Mongrels…and it was really nice. =]
    Great song for their last episode.

  9. thank god the are back. the break up ruined me for a few years. I hope they sing at the Olympic opening

  10. Whatever I said, whatever I did
    I didn’t mean it
    I just want you back for good
    Want you back, want you back
    I want you back for good

    Whenever I’m wrong
    Just tell me the song and I’ll sing it
    You’ll be right and understood
    Want you back, want you back
    I want you back for good

  11. i love robbie williams

  12. MrTonksandcharlie

    that made me LOL 😀

  13. UGH. Finally found this song. Whoever these guys are, they are hard to track down. What kind of name is “Take That?” So difficult to remember after a bajillion years.

  14. opino lo mismo que tu!

  15. I think of this as our song, you know. We had so many long nights together, so many laughs and memories. I know you had to go, that it was time, but I can’t help holding on to the dream that you’ll return to me and we’ll be together forever. I’ll never give up on us.

    I still love you, SPACED.

  16. Do you Take That fans want to make at least one of their videos Vevo Certified?

  17. Esta canción era de ms favorditas cuando tenía 15 años y aun quisiera robarle un beso al rubio bello de la canción.

  18. Can’t get anybetter than this!

  19. this song reminds me of better times

  20. Gary. No questions asked. XD ♥

  21. Where did all this good music gone? I WILL NEVER GET SICK OF THE 1980 and 1990’S MUSIC. I

  22. Amo esta canción me recuerda tanto a mi niñez, y todavia la escucho como si fuera ayer, gran cancion de los 90s yeahhh

  23. Fucking 90’s..Still in my mind…

  24. well ,there is not a single video where he said it ! so that is a reason i don’t believe it! Mark is my favorite,mark and rob <333 and yours ?