Take That – Kidz

Songs Website Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. *Madonna (fuck my spelling)

  2. *Madnonna

  3. Madonns DOES know she’s fifty-fucking-two, right???

  4. I’d like an alien invasion like that!!!! Plz!!! take me with you!!!!!! 🙂

  5. jadonsanders1

    I think that the Army should have started dancing 😉

  6. iBruNNoOfficial

    Song its nice, but the finish video clip… its bad.

  7. rubypottyhead

    Love this song. Love the political message

  8. that’s not an alien invasion, it’s an alternate version of Red Faction except the martian’s are good and no one is bad!!! there all happy!!!

  9. sounds like Gorillaz

  10. two of my Favorite bands

  11. Guy with tea cup and awesome glasses is so english

  12. 超帥 !!

  13. DracoGreenburg

    You know what would of sucked? If one of the soldiers hated Take Thats music.

  14. supercobradude1

    i love this!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday Jason!!

  16. Add a bit of MUSE to a bit of GORRILAZ and you get the right mixture: Take That with Kidz.
    But still it is all about good music. Well done, a great mix with great video characters and a rock solid performance.

  17. Oddio ma sono fottutamente forti *————*

  18. Keep an eye on the London olympics!!!

  19. aww..nice song ! ^^ Gary so handsome !:”> XD

  20. i hear GORILLAZ

  21. Never forget the kid that lives inside you!

  22. Arathor Starlight

    Cool, but i think i hear Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc

  23. I hear….MUSE + GORRILAZ

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