Take That – Rule The World

Audio Weblog Video Score: four / 5

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  1. +Man Hof
    I pray for their lots security.
    Pray God bless them.
    I wish I was one.

  2. World’s most beautiful song!

  3. super piosenka

  4. Gary 3

  5. Wtf

  6. One of the best songs I love it so much

  7. carrieanne haydock

    It cut off half way through the song!!!!

  8. :/ why it’s not FULL !! That’s shame on you guys cuz it’s one of the best
    songs EVER 

  9. I like this song 

  10. I could not believe that this song was from Take That, when I saw Stardust.
    I never thought that I would have liked one of their songs, but I have to
    say that this is an awesome song, surely the best from TT. I wish I could
    listen to the full song in this video because it’s the best quality I found
    right now on Yt.

  11. This shud definately be on the foamy & sarky soundtrack!!!

  12. Great song especially chorus wish there could be more songs like this

  13. serena philippart

    Omg cant believe i once hated this song i now luv it xxxxx:-*

  14. Maybe play the whole song that will be betger! 

  15. Wonderful

  16. been looking for this vid 4eva

  17. Fernando Mateus


  18. I wish I could see all the video

  19. Stardust<3

  20. Love it ♥

  21. Dylan Scrivener

    I got end cut of to sofie

  22. Only 2 million views???

  23. What happened at the end? It cut off!

  24. Oh no I pressed the wrong button