Take That – Said It All

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  1. Vanessa De Martino

    E’ molto triste però è bella. Non ho capito perchè in radio alcune canzoni
    non le trasmettono nonostante in rete abbiano milioni di visualizzazioni.

  2. J’aime …

  3. just amazing! this song is in top 10 of my all time favorites . 🙂 <3

  4. Can’t help but fall in love more and more with Take That’s music .. Happy
    27th anniversary. Big Love! We miss you Jay. 

  5. Doesn’t get much better than this. My 2 favorite singers of take that.

  6. I love this song sooo much (and sorry for people that hate clowns…)
    #takethat #garybarlow #markowen #jasonorange #howarddonald #saiditall #music

  7. like if you came here because of Darcy Oake :)

  8. Estoy acá por Darcy Oake! sadasdasd!

  9. my divorce song x

  10. Дмитрий Бибичков

    Where are unicycles? Wikipedia says they learned how to unicycle for this
    video: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicycle#Known_in_other_fields

  11. My aunt took me to the Circus tour and afterwards This was the song that
    stuck in my head. It’s my favourite TT song. Disappointed it wasnt
    performed during Progressed tour so hopefully they play it on the new tour

  12. oh god !!!! I still love this song, still love them so much !!!!!!!! #TT4
    is brilliant !!!! #Newalbum #24/11/2014

  13. Going to kill myself.

  14. Britain’s got talent brought me here.

  15. Here because of Darcy . . . Love both him and this song.

  16. Clowns really creep me out!!

  17. darcy oake’s pigeon brought me here 

  18. I love them so much! Their works are always amazed me.
    Unfortunately nowadays ppl can’t recognize real music and sh*t. 

  19. Take That – Said It All: http://youtu.be/ideJmOH2z4Y

  20. louise cartlidge

    the 64 who dont like this song should be ashamed they obviously dont know
    what good music is

  21. Fernanda pizarro

    no me canso de escucharlos!!! genios!!!

  22. Only 850k views??? Impossible!!!

  23. “Dissemos tudo…”

  24. Love this song, love them four!!!! Love to TT from Mexico! 🙂