Take That – Shine

Audio Blog Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. I was never a huger Take That fan, so for me to say that this song was exceptional and the video is incredibly well done, is probably me saying that sometimes a band you never really got on with can shine: excellent. 🙂

  2. 爆笑、マイケルー

  3. but i do love this song though 😛

  4. yup 😀

  5. Oh no, don’t get me wrong i love TT loads, i’m on the verge obsession! The video’s cute, but a bit young for them maybe? I think they’re a manband on the surface, but still a boyband at heart! 🙂

  6. KyleBoothBrennan

    Well as long as we all love Take That… We have to admit that it was, and still is a boysband xDD

  7. hats morisons?

  8. cool tune

  9. class song

  10. why did morisons choose this song? F**K YOU MORRISIONS! >:(

  11. love this because its all mark

  12. the word is brilliant

  13. Love It

  14. You’re so right

  15. My son sang this at his year 2 leavers assembly, made my day 🙂

  16. Seriously though, i love Take That, i’m an absolutely massive fan! But this video is a tad bit too boyband-ish for me, but it’s still cute because it’s Take That so i still love it 😀

  17. no ?

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  19. you… you’re such a big star to me

  20. This video would be great if there wasn’t so many cuts. Someone needs to tell the director it’s okay to have a shot last more than a second.

  21. fags

  22. DrinkNOdrive777

    oh shit wasnt metropolis a film linked with the……. nevermind.

  23. DrinkNOdrive777

    Metropolis like. Maybe

  24. This is Howard Donald. Not Thor!!!!

  25. love this song