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  2. Lina Wegertseder

    love jasons part in this song sooooo much

  3. Nu tager jeg snart til Israel og læser Kabbalah

  4. Sergio Alexis Rojas Zamudio

    one of the best Singles of my favourite band.

  5. Best song in the world…!! 🙂 🙂

  6. One thing I enjoy about Take That songs is the emotion that you can feel it crawling beneath your skin.


    Gary and Howard ..best parts

  8. I’m not an expert but, everybody goes on about jason’s voice is not good, i know its not as strong but i really like it, and i think his voice wud really suit an indie/pop/rock band, ??

  9. OMG Gary YOU ARE GOOD…Not only because every song you wrote is brilliant, just see how everyone in this song leads a part that’s perfect for them, we know how brilliant the head of the band is.

  10. I love this song, because they all lead a part. And the part they lead is perfectly for their voices.

  11. I completely agree to whoever thinks that Gary Barlow is an amazing songwritee because I believe this too: he is the greatest songwriter ever and I love pretty much everything he writes!!!!! I do like everyone in the band though and I think they are all very good looking! I adore them all! ( the latest crush at the moment is for Mark, but I had crushes on all of them!!!!!!)
    great video and great song, good job for choosing it caro Gianni!,

  12. Dana-Florentina Foisor-Letea

    the beginning and the final of the song is like a lullaby to me…..love this song

  13. And the best singers 🙂

  14. This was played at my mums funeral. such a great song. R.I.P mum <3

  15. This is a really beautiful song

  16. Rettiysa Tarigan

    Yeah, that’s right. Actually I reckon HDICTT and 84 are Jay’s with spices added by Mark and How, and of course, Jay is incredibly amazing! He should sing more solos, really.

  17. Rettiysa Tarigan

    Ah yes, I did miss to mention the other two–and I did miss 84. But I reckon How Did It Come To This is not his full solo, I mean, he shared it with Howard. However, yeah, I missed to mention those, so thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  18. thumbs up if you better like a garden than a flood

    sorry for my bad english

  19. u must hear Jason’s voice in HOW DID IT COME TO THIS…
    OMG, his voice so softly and strongly…i like his voice..love u, Jason :*

  20. TAKE THAT are the legend…all member can sing and it’s trully wonderful…they’re very brilliant!!!

  21. I think it’s faster to find it on google. I’m sure you know it now, but don’t think of me that I’m mean. 0:17 Mark Owen, 0:50 Howard Donald, 1:01 Gary Barlow, 1:22 Jason Orange…

  22. i don’t need you to tell me how to wipe my ass ..

  23. what? cant show some respect to those new listener to who starts listening to take that?

  24. Rettiysa Tarigan

    Oh well, there was this one time he asked Gaz to write a song for him, but, alas, Gaz laughed at it. Therefore, Jay has a solo, twice: Wooden Boat and Flowerbed, though I reckon he deserves more. ^_^ Wooden Boat impressed a lot of people.

  25. There’s always this thing called Google.